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Customer Testimonials

Mary Bernard

  “Since new ownership took over it is super nice clean and caring attendant. There are many new machines. Owner actually came in and talked to customers.” Written by Mary Bernard   Read more →

Randolfo Paul

  “Best laundromat in Cleveland, OH. Newer washers and dryers that work, free drying, clean and friendly staff. They don’t turn the heat down on their dryers and the washer machines(big washers) are inexpensive. I drive from the eastside and I swear this place is the real deal.” Written by Randolfo Paul   Read more →

Kristina Betts

  “I love this establishment it’s convenient for the westside of Cleveland. The owner and employees are friendly and it’s clean.” Written by Kristina Betts   Read more →

Jill B.

  “I have never been to a laundromat before, but I needed to wash a two-person sleeping bag that was too large for my washer at home. Staff was very friendly and helpful to me having never used commercial washers/driers before. Equipment seemed pretty clean.” Written by Jill B.   Read more →

Danise Dimond

  “I love using this laundry mat because the staff is usually helpful. The use of cell phones while at work shouldn’t be allowed because it preoccupies the staff just a tad!” Written by Danise Dimond   Read more →

Bryan Garvin

  “Lots of options ranging between $5.75 and $9. Free drying (takes two 30-min cycles to get fully dry). Could use a bit more seating, but those running the place were very nice and helpful.” Written by Bryan Garvin   Read more →