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Customer Testimonials

George Jimenez

  “The place is clean and the employees are real helpful. Machines work well and they are expanding all the time to make it a better place.” Written by George Jimenez   Read more →

Maribel Santos

  “I would love to say this is the best laundry mat I have been to. It is always clean and the employees are real nice. I love their prices because it saves me money and my clothes are real clean after I wash. They have excellent washers and dryers. Thanks for having such a great laundry mat.” Written by… Read more →

Andy Roddick

  “I travel from the east side and pass by several laundromats just to come to this one. Staff is amazing, machines are huge, love the free dry and clean!” Written by Andy Roddick   Read more →

Joseph Oliver

  “People with dirty laundry come here by the dozens! That’s good for business, and I think the attentive, polite and ever-present owners are the reason. The place is always clean and full of new machines. Love this place.” Written by Joseph Oliver   Read more →

John Rouse

  “This has got to be one of the best run laundry services in the free world. Honestly the people that work here are some of the most efficient, friendly and capable personnel I have encountered. Anywhere – period.” Written by John Rouse   Read more →

Alise B.

  “A busy place on Saturday afternoon! Heard about this place in another review on a different laundromat. Love the new fast machines. Free dry. Not a terribly large parking lot but it was definitely worth driving all around Ohio city and the surrounding area to find a good place. Will be back!” Written by Alise B.   Read more →

Estefania Racines

  “Love this place! Been coming for several years, always clean, friendly staff and good pricing! Love the new large dryers. Can wash all my king size comforters (5) in one $8.00 washer. Also one of the only places I know of that has free drying on all the dryers in the whole place, and they dry them until they’re… Read more →